Dr CJ Kleene Dc & Back in Line Chiropractic & Wellness supporting Shero's!

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Dr Calla Jayne Kleene DC CCAc, ABAAHP, FAARM will be opening up the day September 4th at The Shero Experience with Ashley Hinson as emcee. 

CJ says, "I am a chiropractor and the owner of Back in Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness in Hiawatha. The business purpose is to “Make Healthy Contagious”. While our “backbone” (pun intended) is spinal alignment, we feel the body has many things it needs to be “healthy”. It’s not just chiropractic adjustments; it’s good nutrition, physical activity, spiritual enrichment, financial freedom, relationships and community involvement. We feel that while America is in a healthcare crisis and our family members are suffering from many diseases, 80% of our diseases can be reversed by lifestyle changes… the best, and FREE medicine are lifestyle changes. However, sometimes finding a place to start in changing the un-healthy pattern can be intimidating. Many people set unrealistic goals and expectations and fail before they can even get started. Small, subtle changes can have a significant impact on our overall health. Many of us seek the “all-natural” lifestyle only to find those that we love the most lost in misinformation of the sick-care model (helping xyz disease with this drug or that drug). We strive to empower our community to be happy, healthy, and active. It doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be fun, affordable, and multiply your quality of life on earth. Our mission is “making healthy contagious”! Join our Facebook page for free events for our community to learn more."

CJ has a husband of 8 years and 2 wonderful children, a daughter, Porter Josilynn (3 years old) and son, Cooper Steven (6 months old).

This amazing woman enjoys being active in our community, and agrees that we have so many things to participate in and be enriched by that are going on right here in the Corridor.



"Shero's can follow our Facebook page and join us for free Back in Line Events such as our 21 day salad challenge or our 21 day smoothie challenge to name a few, also check out some of our other events (Making Healthy Contagious Events) that have a small fee associated with them. " 

Photo: Dr CJ Kleene opening the event last year! 

How can Shero's help you succeed?: Help us to Make Healthy Contagious. Invite more women to Shero next year! Share your new experiences on social media, invite the neighbors over for a healthy meal. Challenge your children and family to participate in a new healthy meal night. GET DIRTY AND HAVE FUN! Share a new recipe, a new fitness routine, your new found love for zip lining or yoga! Grab your BFF, Momma, sista, or complete stranger and show them how they can be happy and healthy! Pass it on! It only takes one loving suggestion to change the path of a female in your world.

Do you have a message for Shero's?:

Make Healthy Contagious! Pass it On!

Photo of the team at BIL: Top: Lisa Lyons LMT, Julie Daugherty business office manager and CJ. Bottom: Allisyn Skiles clinical office manager, Dr Hannah Anderson DC (a new lovely addition!), and Dr Nate Weber DC, MS.

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