Liz Mathis speaking to Shero's September 4th!!!

by Jackie Fetter in

Liz Mathis is our very own woman in the State of Iowa Senate and Four Oaks Chief Community Officer. 

At The Shero Experience 2015 Liz will be giving us insight to her journey and her path through leadership. She had lead the way for our community to begin bringing high risk homes into a program to rehabilitate the area through the Total Child project. Liz also actively participates in other local nonprofits and volunteerism. 


"My husband Mark owns an Advertising agency and we have two children - Mark Jr. who is a graphic designer and Mary who is a sophomore at Iowa and a photographer." ~Liz Mathis

She says she enjoys gardening, walking, reading, and time with friends in her personal time. 

While talking about new projects and plans on the horizon she requested Shero's help with the Total Child project. 

"PHILOSOPHY- TotalChild is Four Oaks’ comprehensive and long-term approach for helping children and families. It is based on the idea that when children hurdle all obstacles to success, families, homes, neighborhoods and communities are stronger." taken from