Heather Fleming "Finding Your Why"

by Jackie Fetter in ,

Heather Fleming, from Van Meter, Inc., is the Health, Wellnes & Safety Manager and she's coming to Shero to share her wisdom about total well-being and discovering your why. Heather cares so deeply about our community and loves giving back! A few of her current areas of volunteerism include: Classroom volunteer with Junior Achievement, Board Member & Interview Leader for NCYL, Metro North Rotary, Metro High School, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Economic Alliance Community Development Council, leading Van Meter's Charitable Giving Committee. Heather says she is blessed to be an employee-owner at Van Meter, a company whose values match up with her own. As the Health, Wellness & Safety Manager she has the opportunity each day to help her fellow employee-owners on their journey to become their personal best and reach total wellbeing.

Heather has been married for 13 years to a gentleman named BJ. They were blessed with a daughter, Gabi, who is 6 years old and just starting 1st grade. "People often say their third child is a surprise and ours was as well but our third came with the second. We were are blessed to have 1 year old girl/boy twins: Payton & Mack." Heather laughs. 

This phenomenal woman loves physical activity: running, T25, walking the kids in the stroller or wagon, and we still find a little time to play competitive tennis. She is also running the Especially For You Race Against Breast Cancer on 10/4/15 and wants to share the word with everyone too!

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"A very important lesson I learned (and am still working on): Be sure to carve out time for yourself: we all care for others and are committed to helping others that sometimes we neglect our own needs. It is challenging, but schedule time to unwind and recharge your battery!" Heather Fleming