Second lunch keynote announced- author Beth Peterson!!

by Jackie Fetter in ,

Beth Peterson will be lighting up the stage at Shero this year! 

Beth Peterson, Author of Life After Lightning and Destination Heaven, is a very faithful individual. Her desire to encourage others to understand self-healing in a supportive environment comes from first hand experiences as being a two time lightening strike survivor. Beth has persevered though it all to create the person she has become today, from loss and grief, to the many surgeries including amputation of nine of her toes.



She has been married to her husband David for twenty years and together they have two children. She is a lover of nature, an Army Veteran, and a model of mind-over-matter enthusiasm. Whether through speaking engagements or talking to strangers, Beth tries to inspire all individuals to open their minds and examine healing from within.

Life After Lighting is an inspiring detail of powerful ways to live as a strong person in balance with others, your faith, and with yourself.

From her own life lessons, author Beth Peterson has assembled positive life encouragement that will give you a strong sense of direction towards the path in life that you were meant to walk.

In this book you will learn how to gather the tools needed to turn the most painful moments in life into the most meaningful, and learn how your life lessons can connect the dots to help you better fulfill your life.

Destination Heaven and My Journey Back to Life is the true account of what took place on July 20, 1992 at Fort Benning, Georgia when Beth was first struck while guarding the base’s ammunition storage point. Almost exactly one year later to the day she decided to face her fear of storms and was struck by lightning once again.

Join Beth on the voyage of her death and visit to Heaven following the first lightning strike, read her conversations with Angels and with God, stand by her side as she is shown the viewing of her life, and listen as she weighs the choice to stay in peaceful serenity or return to immense physical pain and emotional suffering on Earth.

"Everything in life happens for a reason. Every person that crosses your path is connected to you in some way, for some purpose. Sometimes we connect the dots, however, sometimes we refuse to see. My hope is that you can be inspired by something inside these pages, because everything I have survived has a connection to a reason." ~ Beth

These amazing books will be for sale and a "special" with the book bundle with her first and second book for $40 (includes tax) or they are $24.99 each plus tax individually. Also she will have additional items that correlate to her books. This is the first time we will be offering sale items at the Shero and will review more for the future events.

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