Dance Club Cardio is pumping it up for 2016!!

by Jackie Fetter in ,

Alicia Anderson and Ashley Grabe, founders of Dance Club Cardio, actively teach DCC around our local Cedar Rapids community. DCC participates in Meet Me At The Market, a premiere social event in Cedar Rapids for people who want to “mix, mingle, and move". They have also organized fundraisers, aka dance parties, for various charities.

"We created Dance Club Cardio as a fun way for people to get to a good workout, feel empowered, and improve their health. We both teach Zumba Fitness classes and noticed that our participants loved when we added pop/hip-hop songs that they've heard on the radio. We were so excited to see our participants were catching on faster and feeling more confident. We decided to create a new class where we could teach the music we loved and our classes enjoyed!" ~Ashley and Alicia

What do you enjoy doing or work recreational fun?:

Ashley - "When I'm not dancing I love to be outdoors. I love running, biking, and kayaking with my husband and friends. There's nothing better than a finishing my day with a great book!"

Alicia - "I love listening to music and going to music festivals. I'm very close with my family and enjoy spending a lot of time with them. I'm a graduate of the University of Iowa and I love Hawkeye Football!"

Let's support these Shero's at their events: Fall into Fitness event- Tuesday Sept 15 at Lowe Park in Marion (Free outdoor class!); Classes every Tuesday (6-7pm) and Saturday (10-11am) at Vitality Dance and Fitness; Class Monday (6:05-6:50pm) at Sister's Health Club.

How can Shero's help you succeed?: Come join our classes and spread the word!

"Be true to yourself and step outside of your comfort zone! We took a risk on Dance Club Cardio and we found that it was truly our passion. Throughout the process of creating and promoting the class, we have had some negative feedback, but in the end we have found an amazing community of people who support us and love our class!" Ashley and Alicia

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