Heather Gierut and Tanager Place sharing their skills with Shero's!

by Jackie Fetter in ,

Heather Gierut, Community Relations Specialist for Tanager Place, will be guiding our speakers and has been an incredible asset to The Shero Experience both last year and this year! At work she manages social media, Tanager's website, lead the event planning committees and connects with local organizations in regard to sponsorship, collaborations, etc.

This passionate and busy woman is on the board for ImpactCR and a planner for the Next Gen Summit Steering Committee and, Catherine McAuley Center
Heather is married, husband Chris pictured to the right, and they have a lovely home shared with 2 dogs - Twix and Charlie.


Heather loves running, yoga, sand volleyball at Volley's during the summer and spending time outside, preferably by water.


Some events that Heather would like to share about are the Next Gen Summit - September 30th at the DoubleTree (link above), Tanager Place Expressive Arts Gala - October 1st at Cedar Rapids Country Club.

How can Shero's help you succeed?: By being an advocate for children with mental health and behavioral challenges.

"Life's too short trying to make (or keep) everyone happy. Do you!" ~ Heather