Sweet treats from Toolips!

by Jackie Fetter in

Amber Smith, cofounder of Toolips For Him, has offered up her goodies for guest speakers and give-aways at the event this year. She handles marketing, sales, production, and customer service. They specialize in sending personalized greeting cards. These tasty greeting cards are affordable, custom designed, and printed in the USA. Clients type their own message and also have the option of adding some great gifts like candy and gift cards. Everything is shipped with the clients return address and without any marketing materials, as if it was mailed from. Toolips For Him offers a unique gifting experience and we will be expanding our market soon with some really fun ideas so keep an eye on us! We want to bring back the exciting mailbox experience by making it easy for you to send a smile to everyone.

Toolips For Him owners have always believed in giving back to the community. They work with local food pantries and animal rescues regularly. This company is happy to discuss helping any program looking for assistance.

Amber and her mother own Toolips For Him. They come from a small family so they are all very close. Amber says working together each day is a luxury and she is blessed to do so each day. Amber has a toddler at home who keeps his daddy and her on the run, they are lucky the three of them have so much time together- family is something that is really important to them.

She also enjoys spending time with friends and family. She likes activities like camping, kayaking, hiking, vacations... making memories and living experiences are what they strive to do!

How can Shero's help you succeed?: "Our business relies on word of mouth. If you like what we are doing we'd love your business and a share on social media. If you have advertising opportunities that hit our target market we'd love to hear about them."

"Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter then you think, and twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagined. That is what makes you a Shero!" ~Amber

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