Friday September 4th, 2016 Q&A

by Jackie Fetter

This blog is to answer any questions you may have and gear you up for Shero 2015!

What should we wear? Wear a shirt that represents you as a person. Your favorite band, nonprofit, travel location, race or anything you think of! The rest of your clothes should be activity gear. Feel free to bring a change of clothes if you want, it does get warm or wet depending on which activity you chose. 

Where are the bathrooms? Off of the dining hall in the Taylor chapel. If you need to use the restroom during activity time please keep it quiet for those meditating. 

How do I find my activities? Use the map in your bag or follow the pink chalk on the grass. 

I have food allergies, can you accommodate me?  Yes! The meal is already Dairy Free, Vegetarian, and healthy! If you need Gluten Free we can do that too. 

Do you have more questions? Let us know! We will add them to the blog.