Alphapom has joined our group!

by Jackie Fetter

Please welcome Martha Krejci with


Do you participate in community projects or volunteerism?

My husband, Mike and I publish Iowa Pets Magazine, which supports the local community of animal shelters. We bring a spotlight to them that then is a catalyst for conversation surrounding their situation. I also work very closely with Critter Crusaders. Critter Crusaders is a not for profit that takes no money themselves, they give everything to the pets they serve. The way in which they serve the rescue community is via medical support. If a pet has cancer, was hit by a car, has parvo, etc...Critter Crusaders swoops in, takes on the case, uses the money that has been donated to then get the homeless pet up to good health in order to be able to go to a forever home. They are truly angels among us.

Tell us about your family life.

"It's complicated". Just kidding, it's fantastic! Mike and I have a little angel, Norah, who is a year and a half old. She's an excellent example of purity of spirit. We are busy with our businesses, but schedule time for play with Norah. We both look forward to the weekends when we get uninterrupted family time. Our family time can be anything from playing in the back yard to jogging to horseback riding. It's whatever seems fun at the moment!

What is your occupation or business purpose?

I'm an SEO guru, first and foremost. Then we also focus on building websites, creating graphics, videography and social media management.

The purpose of Alphapom is to level the playing field for all businesses to compete online at an affordable price.

We don't want anyone to have to shut their doors on their passion just because they couldn't afford the big guys in digital marketing. It doesn't have to cost that much :)

What do you enjoy doing for recreational fun?

This sounds so nerdy, but I really do enjoy digital marketing so much, that I do it for fun! Aside from that, I enjoy meditating, listening to inspiring thought leaders, and taking time to center.

How can Shero's help you succeed?

Shero's can help me succeed by following me on social media, liking and sharing posts for me, and just sending some happy, loving vibes :)

Do you have a message for Shero's?

My message for Shero's would be a quote a friend shared on social media yesterday, "Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you and inspire you." -Taylor Swift.