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Stephanie Gray, the practitioner and founder at Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic, a Wellness Way Affiliate, will be speaking with us again at Shero in effort to shed light on ways to stay in the wellness realm and what to do if you find yourself ill. Stephanie has been on the board for the Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society for over 5 years. She also enjoys participating in her local church community. She is often asked to speak throughout the community on average once/month to support groups, gyms, chiropractic offices and many more places. 




Dr Gray is married to Eric Gray, the clinic office manager, pictured above. 

Dr Gray is married to Eric Gray, the clinic office manager, pictured above. 

 At IHHC they function by pioneering the “We Don’t Guess…We Test” model of healthcare, The Wellness Way clinics reinforce a philosophy of healthcare that respects the biochemical individuality of every patient. Their patients receive in-depth consultations, thorough examinations, individualized testing, and personalized health plans that get them back on the road to wellness.

Stephanie enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys exercising, gardening, decorating, dancing, and fashion. She also enjoys continuing to work on personal and business development through leadership training and courses.

"We invite you to our biggest event of the year as we welcome guest speaker Dr. Patrick Flynn, owner of the Wellness Way Clinics. He will be presenting Thursday September 10th at 6 pm at the Hiawatha Community Center on the Wellness Way Approach, inflammation, trauma, toxins, and stress! This event is FREE and we encourage you to bring interested friends and family to this FREE event. Register for your tickets at Then September 16th at 5 pm, we will be hosting our “Gastrointestinal Foundations: Heal Your Gut Heal Your Body” event at the clinic. Please RSVP at for this event as well. You can also locate both of the RSVP links at our website:" ~ Dr Gray

Share this page from their Facebook onto your own! 

Share this page from their Facebook onto your own! 

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"Don't underestimate the importance of giving your body what it needs- proper nutrition! Try to eat organic, take high quality supplements, exercise, sleep well, and manage your stress. We can help you master these major concepts to help you achieve better health!" ~ Stephanie

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