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"Happiness and well being are important to every woman as well as all of the people she loves and supports. In this inspiring presentation, I will be sharing practical tips for women to experience real happiness as well as share that positivity in a meaningful way with others."

We will flex and develop four critical emotional intelligence muscles directly contributing to our well being. Exploring an outward mindset will help us to see how we can be more and do more with our families, teams and organizations. Eliminating victim thinking, blame and excuses makes each us more productive and engaging. Constant complaining and negativity are toxic in any relationship or work environment. Participants will leave with practical techniques, when practiced wholeheartedly, will generate positive results, both personally and professionally.

I have been an active supporter of the Association for Talent Development at a local and national level. The Association for Talent Development (ATD). The mission of ATD is to empower professionals to develop skills and knowledge successfully. Together,  we create a world that works better. 

I am married to the most wonderful man on earth. (Alright, I admit I am a bit biased.) We have been happily exploring this life together for 34 years. We do not have children and have been blessed with amazing cats who bring us great joy and happiness. We travel a lot for business so we love coming home to our country home in Mount Vernon, IA where we are surrounded by deer, wild turkey, amazing birds, squirrels, rabbits and occasional coyote. 

 For 25 years, I have been blessed to do what I love and love what I do. I am a professional trainer and organizational development consultant. I custom design and facilitate training workshops and seminars for all types of profit and not-for-profit organizations. My areas of expertise and passion are teams and everything team related, emotional intelligence and front-line manager development. 

Clint and I love to engage in all types of fishing. Being on the rivers and streams in Montana with a fly rod in your hand is living the dream. We love walking nature trails and admiring amazing sunrises or sunsets. We are sports fans and sit on the opposite end of the sofa until the NASCAR race is over. We are passionate Coe Kohawk and University of Iowa Hawkeye fans. 

I am recently certified to facilitate training and offer 1:1 coaching in an amazing emotional intelligence assessment called EQ-I 2.0, a psychometric assessment which measures emotional intelligence (EI) and how it can.impact people and the workplace.

I am an authorized partner with the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. This is a development process that helps your team understand how to communicate and collaborate more effectively together to achieve synergistic results. It measures core team behaviors including trust, the ability to engage in healthy conflict, levels of commitment, peer to peer accountability and collective results.

On June 14, I will be facilitating a teambuilding workshop for the ATD-Hawkeye Chapter''s Training Day for Non-Profits at the Mount Mercy University Graduate Center in Cedar Rapids. 

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