New Pi supporting Shero with healthy snacks!

by Jackie Fetter in ,

New Pioneer Cooperative Society was founded as a natural foods cooperative grocery in Iowa City in 1971, opened its Coralville branch in 2001, and opened a third store re in Cedar Rapids in December of 2014. New Pi is a thriving food co-op with over 33,000 members-owners. The stores provide local, organic, and natural foods to the Corridor and everyone is welcome to shop – owner or not. New Pi is located at 22 S. Van Buren St. in Iowa City, at 1101 2nd St. in Coralville, and at 3338 Center Point Road NE in Cedar Rapids. 

They encourage healthful diet, sustainable agriculture and support of fresh, local and natural growers. New Pi provides funding for school gardens through our Soilmates garden program. We seek local growers and producers.

Shero guests are welcome to shop at New Pioneer on Centerpoint Road, a community owned grocery with a full line of products, including organic produce, in house smoked meats snsefood, adn handmade cakes of great fame.

Do you have a message for Shero's?: Eat your vegetables!

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