Meditation also lead by Noelle Holmes gentle light!

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Noelle Holmes, a Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Advisor at Illuminations Healing Arts Center, will be facilitating meditation sessions accompanied by gentle back-ground music at Shero this year. A quiet room with chairs for those that need them will embrace you in meditation. The sessions will focus on connecting with and empowering self as well as celebrating the amazing opportunities that the Shero event provides. On a local front Illuminations Center is always providing services (on a donation basis) to local charities and events. It's a wonderful way to support and give back to the community! 




She lives with my husband of 16 years, who is a massage therapist and healer, in Cedar Rapids. They have been adopted by 3 naughty but adorable kitties! She also loves spending time with friends and family. Listening to people's stories never gets old for Noelle! She also enjoys quiet days of contemplation and journaling in nature.

Noelle shares about the 2016 Shamanism Course - A year long offering that takes you deep into the path of Shamanic Healing. Taught at Illuminations Healing Arts by Noelle Holmes. New classes begin in January of 2016 and run monthly through December. Find this on the website soon!
Guided Meditation at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art - Gather on the second Thursday of the month with Noelle Holmes from 6-7pm for an hour of Guided Meditation. Registration through CRMA. Sign up here!

How can Shero's help you succeed?: "I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with such amazing women at this wonderful event! Letting people get to know who I am and the services I offer in the community is is bringing awareness to the center. Thank you!" Noelle.

"To the incredible women of Shero - Love and adore who you and adore the life that you are creating!" ~ Noelle


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