September 30th afternoon speaker Hannah Anderson of Well Labs!

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Hannah is a local Shero here on this earth to help others! I am a Chiropractor, an adjunct professor of anatomy, and co-founder of Well Labs. Well Labs is an online nutrition company that provides high quality supplements, simple and practical health education, and lifestyle medicine to underprivileged children. She is on the board of directors for Feed Iowa First, and through Well Labs have been able to work with Kids on Course, Tanager Place, and Mathew 25 as well.

At Shero she will be talking about high quality humans! How to be one, why you want to be one, how nutrition can help get you there... the difference between being symptom free vs. WELL, and how to take that responsibility into your own hands.

This active entrepreneur married her college sweetheart, Alex, who is an attorney for the city of Cedar Rapids. She says their lives are run by a small fluffy dog named Oscar! He's such a doll! When she is not working, you can find her in the sand volleyball court, at the farmers market, or binge watching Netflix.

How can Shero's help you succeed?:

Shero's are the health care decision makers for their family. 9 times out of 10, it is a mom/daughter/sister/wife/girlfriend making appointments, and calling the shots for the health of their family. Shero's can help Well Labs succeed by first taking care of themselves, then supporting our mission to make healthy kids that will turn into healthy adults.

Do you have a message for Shero's?:

You deserve to feel amazing every day, but it does require a little work!

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A Shero Success Story: Dusty Swehla gets scared!

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Dusty Swehla, Innovative Aesthetics Medical Spa and Laser Center, is a Nutritionist and Health Coach and Ideal Protein office manager at Innovative Aesthetics. She has worked at Innovative for 5 years and she says it has been an amazing journey. Prior to working at Innovative she worked in the OR for 14 years as a Surgical Technician/First Assist. Dusty was given the opportunity by Dr Rexroth to work at Innovative as she was wanting to lose some weight and learn more about nutrition and healthy living. This incredible woman lost 70 pounds 5 years ago on the Ideal Protein plan and has been able to maintain her weight. She says she was so blessed to have the privilege of meeting one-on-one with multiple clients and help them get off of BP, Cholesterol, Diabetic meds while helping them live a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. She is now the Ideal Protein office manager and between the 4 Coaches they see close to 500 clients a week. It is something she is very, very passionate about and loves it! "Helping someone feel better about themselves is priceless. We form a bond with our clients and they know that we truly CARE about their healthy and lifestyle," Dusty.

One year ago Dusty sat at the 2014 Shero Experience and listened to Denise Stapley, the winner of Survivor in the Philippines. Dusty says that at the time life was good, healthy, happy, amazing family, great job, etc.. but she was in a bit of a slump emotionally and had some demons that were slowly taking over, she was waiting for opportunities to happen to her. Denise had challenged all of us to do something off our bucket list, something that scared us. Dusty listed 4 things that day and she is so happy to say that she has accomplished all of them! They include; being in a triathlon, working hard and saving up for a new Jeep, a personal triumph and getting yoga certified . Without this challenge Dusty says she's not exactly sure where she would be today! Her life is now overflowing with joy, she is emotionally, physically, mentally in a much better place. "I'm grateful for Shero and Denise for opening my mind to what else is out there if we challenge ourselves," Dusty. 

Dusty also has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Abbe Center for Women and Children and NewBo Market.

Dusty is a married mother of 3 boys; Audi 19, Noah 14, stepson Riley, 12. Her husbands name is Robert, who works for Hawkeye Electric. His passion is coaching baseball and if he had a choice he would do it full time. Their 2 younger boys are involved in multiple sports; baseball, football, basketball and track. Audi, her oldest son, is enjoying working construction, hanging out with his friends and attending various music festivals. He's at a wonderful age of learning about who he is and figuring out what to do with the rest of his life. They love spending time together. When they are all together there are lots of laughs and often time they pick on her. They attend various Iowa sporting events together and outdoor music.

Dusty loves watching her boys play sports. She attends Farrell's 5am class a few days a week and take yoga when possible. She will be getting my Yoga Certification at the end of the month and will be teaching at Rockwell and offering some classes at Innovative Aesthetics Blairs Ferry location. Dusty loves live music and spending time with family. She also loves visiting different coffee shops as coffee is a big love of mine.

At Innovative Aesthetics they offer a free Ideal Protein Seminar every Wednesday at 5:30pm. The first Thursday of every month they offer a healthy living maintenance class, $20 fee for newbies, free to any Ideal Protein client. Watch for the clothing swap quarterly, fitness classes periodically, freezer meal workshops. The calendar is available on their Facebook page Ideal Protein at Innovative Aesthetics, link below.

How can Shero's help you succeed?: Listen to the speakers and take notes of how you can adapt to your own personal experiences. Utilize the women as a positive source to build your career, life, marriage, personal realtionships.

"My message is set a goal, make a plan and stick to it. There will be some obstacles and bumps along the way just dont lose sight of what the final goal is. You get one chance at this so called "Life" make it the best you can! It's never to late to start a new challenge. If you don't like something, change it :) Life is to short to watch opportunity pass you by." ~ Dusty

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