September 30th afternoon speaker Hannah Anderson of Well Labs!

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Hannah is a local Shero here on this earth to help others! I am a Chiropractor, an adjunct professor of anatomy, and co-founder of Well Labs. Well Labs is an online nutrition company that provides high quality supplements, simple and practical health education, and lifestyle medicine to underprivileged children. She is on the board of directors for Feed Iowa First, and through Well Labs have been able to work with Kids on Course, Tanager Place, and Mathew 25 as well.

At Shero she will be talking about high quality humans! How to be one, why you want to be one, how nutrition can help get you there... the difference between being symptom free vs. WELL, and how to take that responsibility into your own hands.

This active entrepreneur married her college sweetheart, Alex, who is an attorney for the city of Cedar Rapids. She says their lives are run by a small fluffy dog named Oscar! He's such a doll! When she is not working, you can find her in the sand volleyball court, at the farmers market, or binge watching Netflix.

How can Shero's help you succeed?:

Shero's are the health care decision makers for their family. 9 times out of 10, it is a mom/daughter/sister/wife/girlfriend making appointments, and calling the shots for the health of their family. Shero's can help Well Labs succeed by first taking care of themselves, then supporting our mission to make healthy kids that will turn into healthy adults.

Do you have a message for Shero's?:

You deserve to feel amazing every day, but it does require a little work!

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